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Name: Michael Fairchild
Age: 14
School: Faith Christain
Fav Game: Freelancer
Fav Freelancer Mod: Asgard v 2 (made by Tooth)
Fav Movie: no clue i like alot!


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Sunday, October 31, 2004

i have three ready but keeping in the two at a time tradition i have held to this far i will only post two... both are vehicles...

Free Image Hosting at

this is the alsome hover craft the manta...

and this is the monster tank the goliath...

NEXT: My second Favorite Player... Brock, And i have now clue...

Michael :: 8:16 PM

ok two more...

this is the robot Rapier...

And this is the robot mandible...

Michael :: 2:28 PM

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ok forgive me i am posting these as i make them... here are two more...

Free Image Hosting at

this is devoted to one of the ships in UT 2004- The Raptor

Free Image Hosting at

and this is devoted to the robot Widowmaker

More to come (maybe from defernent games)

Michael :: 6:55 PM

I live to most of my promises... well this is one of them... i have made two UT 2004 ones....

though it is smaller i like this one better...

Free Image Hosting at

this one was easyist all i had to do is place images i cut for the other one... of course there are some things in here i like...

(they are so big i posted them as thumbnails...)

Michael :: 2:17 PM

Friday, October 29, 2004

heh i made these with really bad screen shots so they dont look very good but i needed to post somthing...

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<br />

Image Hosted by
<br />

heh i may make some UT 2004 ones... Deus Ex is running out of charicters...

Michael :: 9:11 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wow! Something exciting accually happened near were i live! this is extreamly rare and this, i think, beats all the exciting things down! A would be burgler TRIED to rob a house in Battleground. The police chased his all the way to 200 were he crashed basically into our woods. Police squad cars and helicopters raced to find him and... found him. (too bad i was a school i miss everything good)

Michael :: 1:15 AM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

yay i finally found a template i kinda like! YAY!

Header Explained: HAHA ASK ME AND I WILL TELL (not terribly important just kinda fun!)

Michael :: 2:20 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

YEAH! Varsity Girls Volleyball won!! GO LARA!!!!

Michael :: 9:17 PM

Monday, October 18, 2004

HI! now that i got that off my chest... yes... this blog is getting alittle more active!

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I made this system in a game called Freelancer. I called the Indiana System (in the real game there is a New York System and California System) The bases are Planet Lafayette, Planet West Lafayette(the small one l and wl are right next to one another in the pics), Battleship Indiana, Battleship Teppicone(sp?) that is orbiting Moon Gary(non-dockible planet), Planet Indy, and Indy 500 is orbiting Planet Indy(dockible Planet). The ship i am flying is the Anubis and that i did not make(but i have made a ship :D) well that is about it

Michael :: 8:59 PM

ok not to show off but i made and i liked how they turned out soo much i wanted to show you guys! you should be proud to see them! They are from the game Deus Ex! One of the best games!! (good guys maybe soon[if i have time])

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Hope you like em!

Michael :: 7:34 PM

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